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  • End of the road

    Well what can I say, what a waste of time this game has been.6 months I've spent learning logic setting things up just for it once again to not save properly and see all my work down the swanney. The amount of times I had to redo things is countless and then after the chronic headache of all that you finally upload your 'dream' just for no one to even see it or play it.
    Wow. I should made a meme of shrek instead. 6 thumbs up my game got that's 1 for every month of work I put in.
    But the absolute kick in the face is when you see games getting thousands of thumbs/likes whatever and they're an absolute bore to play yet apparently mm are playing them and they're the top picks...seriously!
    Dreams is by far the most frustrating annoying game to grace my console and probably always will be.
    Music was fun to make though no complaints there apart from the bugged save system which mm neglected to tell anyone about the whole time lol.
    Back to playing regular games for a while I think.

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    Sorry to hear, to me dream is the most fascinating game I know, I'm spending a lot of time with it. Music making in it is a real delight, I also love drawing little scenes. The logic system seems to have no limititations. And in some years I probably will also master the sculpting tools! Of course its fine if you get some positive feedback and thumb ups for your finished creations, but the real fun ist the process of working on a dream! When I'm online next time then I will search for your dream (is there any filter for 6 thumb ups? :p )
    Just kidding! You probably will hear me cry, when my first game will get published soon and noone will notice it! (Nearly one year of creating!)
    I wish you good luck for 2021,
    many greetings, Jürgen^^


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      what's your game let me check it out.
      I can help you and make you love the game again if all you want is to work hard on a game and get likes in return.

      And for the save issues I think you should really save you work as private online so it's on the cloud (even losing ps4 data won't delete this).


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        Haha. My willpower lasted about 2hrs. Then I put it back on and made my best racing track yet. I just needed a vent I'm disappointed no ones played it. I know this is a good game this game really pushes you but in a good way. It's called dirty8track racing challenge. But I'm thinking of changing the concept to a full game now I have figured out some of the basics. Still cant figure out how to make the car explode properly it keeps leaving the explosion behind but when I drag the car back and forth the explosion moves with it...weird.


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          Ok so figured that out for anyone reading this. Use an emitter and power it off the no health port on the health manager. Only found this by chance off the dreamiverse was barking up the wrong tree for ages.
          so from figuring that out I now have made a brand new mode called kill mode which hopefully I can release tonight. I'm aiming for 10 likes lol.
          mage mini what's your psn, yeah some help would be great.


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            One thing you can do is to send your dream directly to an active player. LadylexUK is a YouTuber and does weekly spotlight of dreams of all sorts. She’s done lots of compiling over the release of Dreams and may help get you Dream noticed.

            I’m sure there are others, but she’s one I know of.


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              Yeah I sent it ages ago mate.She tried it didn't read the controls and said it had a bug with the car not resetting if you went off the track. Told her it's on the controls page it still didn't make the cut apparently. I still think it's pretty good and I've learnt a lot from that early stuff but I don't think I'm going to invest anymore time on it cos as far as I can see no one is playing games on dreams.
              I have done 3 levels on killmode now which I'm gonna release as a separate little game see how that gets on. Still gutted about the main one though.
              In some ways kill mode is actually better than the racing challenge despite its basicness.