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  • Dreams the Journey so far

    As has been out for a while it would be interesting to see how users are finding the experience so far?...
    How long have you been dreaming?
    What do you usually do when on Dreams?
    What have been your highlights/lowlights?
    Has it lived up to your expectations so far?
    What are your hopes for the future of Dreams?

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    I have been Dreaming since day one of the beta, having been hyped by following the development of the title for years.
    My background is LittleBigPlanet and I engaged with all the LBP titles including PSP & Vita. I had high expectations for what Dreams had to offer and generally, it has lived up to or surpassed what I was hoping for.
    The highlights for me have been the feeling of empowerment when a little familiarity with the create toolset has been achieved, the music creation particularly is something I thought I'd never be able to grasp but in Dreams, it is so user friendly even I can happily engage and make music.
    The CoMmunity Jams have been a pleasant and unexpected bit of fun, I've found these a great way to practice and learn.
    There have been some awesome community creations which are stunningly good & the CoMmunity is the most positive game-based community in existence.
    The lowlights for me are the way the Dreamsurf trending still offers a steady stream of Mario, Shrek, Sonic crapola which detracts considerably from the experience...and the Imp drift can still be troublesome.
    It has certainly lived up for my expectations as I have enjoyed countless hours creating away happily as was my custom on LBP. The implementation of PSVR was brilliant and it works very well, offering more creative possibilities.
    Arts Dream when released has become one of my most treasured gaming experiences ever, very unique, soulful and creative,
    Most of the official Mm Art kits have been on the twee cute & childish side and I strongly feel this is skewing the Dreams vibe in this direction. unbalancing the experience. Let's have some more artistic, grittier content going forward if possible to make for a richer more rounded and diverse Dreamiverse.
    I think Dreams does have a strong future and the careful strategy Mm has deployed so far from beta through launch to Vr has served a purpose but with Multiplayer next on the list Dreams faces it's biggest challenge yet.
    It will draw in more play-orientated Dreamers, but if LBP precedent is anything to go by then it will impact negatively on the quality of what is in demand, expect to see more Mario, Shrek, Sonic in bomb survival format. This in turn could impact negatively on the long-term plans to offer dreams as a creative toolset of choice for multi-media professional purpose, when all they see is this and it clouds perceptions.
    The positive with multiplayer is that it will increase player numbers and it is fun to play together with friends.
    Will there be an online create multiplayer mode as there was with LBP?
    Will players be able to hangout in each others Homespaces as they did in LBP pods? Something that was very enjoyable, apart from the slapping!
    The single feature that will make Dreams escape from the publics kids creative videogame catchall perception is to enable file export....allowing users to use their own created media, music, films, models outside of Dreams and in the real world..this would be the Industry game-changer that seals Dreams reputation for all time.


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      I’m pretty new to dreams (about a month and a half) but I do have experience via the LBP 1-3. I’ve created in those a fair bit, so my learning curve was gentle at first, as a lot of what I’ve learned in LBP create mode transfers well to dreams.

      As EnochRoot stated already about created content vs. Mario/Sonic/Shrek/FNAF stuff, I am finding a lot of junk out there, but there are a lot of unique content that has just blown me away. Some of the realistic forests, highly detailed space stations, and fun and inventive games have been a real treat, and have inspired me to try to create more and reach those high quality dreams with my own creations.

      My biggest hurdle is my lack of knowledge for creating more complex things in my creations, but I am slowly learning new ways to design game levels or to craft more interesting and detailed scenes.

      I’ve even managed to create some music, which is impressive, as I am basically tone-deaf...