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Audio only game - can it be done?

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  • Audio only game - can it be done?

    Hi all. I've yet to purchase Dreams, but I've always been intrigued by the idea of creating a game which works as an "audio only" virtual space, particularly for the partially sighted or blind. You would use the controller to move around e.g. a house you could navigate by hearing. I just wondered if anyone knew whether this would be possible using Dreams? Many thanks.

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    Yes. Someone did something similar in that you hit buttons on the controller to make "clapping" sounds and it would briefly display a path. I think that's how it was anyway. Been so long since I played that level. But yes, you could make something using audio cues only.


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      Absolutely, there are many sound tools within the game which allow you to modify so many elements including direction, speaker output,panning, reverb, delay and so many more
      this could also be combined with the gadget that outputs rumble in the Dualshock pad which lets you control it in speed strength and intensity on either side of the pad


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        Very cool idea, and definitely feasible! There was a recent live stream with Ed focused on sound design and how sound gadgets can be used to trigger other gameplay elements:


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          Thankyou! Exciting!


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            I mentioned your concept to Ed on twitter and he said you should feel free to contact him if you need any help - I know he’s very attentive to responding on twitter, he’s @edhargrave