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  • Hello and some help

    Hi dudes. Loving dreams such a great game.
    Im having some trouble trying to design a race track im trying to copy(for now) ridge racer revoloution.
    Ive some track kits and can chain bits together etc, but when it comes to ramps, s bends on a hill etc I struggle a bit.
    I have searched the net for weeks now and cant find a race track tutorial anywhere.
    Does anyone know of one or have any advice or tips as what im building is taking forever and thats just the actual track.
    What im stuck on is do ppl lay down a basic outline then blend up n down for gradients or just add bits of track together?
    Or another way do they use the curve tool and flatten it out?
    Also do ppl do a huge track or a smaller scale track and just shrink the cars?
    Any help appreciated, thanks, cant wait to get flying on this game just need a bit of help getting out the blocks(no pun intended lol)

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    welcome to the site, glad you found us.
    i can't help you on this as i am not into making tracks, but i can tweet it out again and see if anyone can help that way.
    there may be some tutorials on youtube, that would be the first place i would check.

    on twitter @b_coli_ LBP related, or @TheMindOfColi everything else!


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      Hi. Thanks, I have searched for weeks on and off but no joy.
      I have found that if you bridge between gaps or in this case corners its a bit more successful but I still get the feeling theres a much easier way.
      I'm getting a little better on the controls but its a slow process lol.