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TAPgiles 3 Month Report

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  • TAPgiles 3 Month Report

    Today is the 3 month anniversary of the Dreams launch! Which means it’s also the 3 month anniversary of me working full time to help the Dreams community, apart from many months before the launch! (Pithy.) So I’d like to give a report on what I’ve been up to in that time.

    I’ve now released both my Icons Guide and full Dreams Documentation, both of which took a huge amount of time and many iterations to bring to realisation. I pretty much spent the whole of April finishing up the docs, which was very hard work. But I’m proud of what I’ve made and happy people are finding it useful.

    If you haven’t checked them out yet, you can find these documents through my website! And if you’ve already found these useful, let me know in a reply to this post ^^

    I’ve spent a total 234 hours on the documents and the time spent editing video tutorials. In fact, the documentation is kind of how all of this started just after beta. I imagined full docs, with icons to help recognition of which setting is which, and video references with the features demonstrated. And it’s finally here!

    I’m also streaming a couple of days a week from 3PM BST at, recording tutorials and helping people with questions live. (If you click the follow button you’ll be notified when I next stream.) ^^ Though with blasting through the docs I haven’t always been able to make it, unfortunately. Since launch, I’ve streamed for 44 hours.

    There was a minor shift in my tutorial schedule made. Up to launch I posted one tutorial per day, and rarely missed a day. But with the docs and more people needing help through forums and so on, I was starting to get burned out from it all. So I now publish tutorials as I make them, so that I’m not stressing out over it so much. Since launch I’ve published 56 tutorials, which is around 3 or 4 per week.

    I still strive to make my tutorials as easy to follow for people regardless of their experience with the tools, and go for a more holistic “how things work” approach to showing how to make something, giving people an understanding of different gadgets as they go as well as allowing them to more easily customise or reuse parts of the logic I cover. You can find my tutorials at, and subscribe to get notified when a new one is released. Or follow me on where I tweet them out, too.

    The forums are abuzz with people in need of help too, with questions on how to do things, and bugs in their logic that need fixing. And since launch there’s been even more people to help!

    I’ve helped on 1333 cases in the past 3 months, at, the facebook groups, twitter, and But besides my own work, I’d like to thank others from the community for their help there too. Before launch, I could see most of the posts and respond where required, but after launch there’s no way I’d be able to handle the extra load. You know who you are (and I don’t have a proper list) but thank you all for helping the community!

    As is hopefully clear, all of this takes a lot of time. It’s become my full-time job in fact. But I can only do this kind of work and to this extent thanks to my supporters. Through,,, and subscriptions and “bits” donations, I’m able to keep helping the community at large. A big round of applause to everyone who has donated and kept my endeavours alive!