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  • What Dream are you dreaming?

    I posted a similar thread for littlebigplanet a long time ago. This thread is for folks to post pictures or updates of their current dream or dreams project(s).

    Here is what I am working on...Way back in littlebigplanet 1 I made a honey themed level. I continued making honey themed levels off and on through lbp 1 and lbp2, but I never made a honey themed level in lbp3. So what better way to throw it back to a long time ago and revive an old theme of mine. BTW, the honey pots launch you out just like in my lbp levels.

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    Feel free to comment on anyone's thread or post your own dreams updates and pictures!


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      Looking good Shookie! Can't wait to play this! I literally just published one. I got aggravated at a couple of Dreams I had played where the creator made like 3 title screens. I was like, "Just let me play the damn game already!" So I decided I was going to make a Dream of nothing but title screens and there would be no actual game. Hee hee. I finally got around to doing it and it is 16 title screens long with a special ending. Quite proud of some of the "title screens" I made. I'm really pleased with how the actual "Game screen" came out. Anyway, here's a link ------> The Adventures of Banana Boy & Hank and a screenshot.


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        Awesome games I can sense many bee puns in your level Shookie I am working on a platformer about an ancient race able to possess mechanical objects and all that everyday stuff! That is, if I can get it feeling old enough


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          That sound very intriguing! I look forward to seeing that!

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        Very nice looking Dreams Shookie and Xero!!

        I tried to find a way to produce my favorite gameplay mecanics in Dreams - the hidden objects games - and that's a first try.
        With moving around and an interactive cursor. There's a lot to improve, but learning in Dreams is fun.

        Click image for larger version

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          I played it the other day and I liked the layout but it was hard to find anything. I know that's kind of the point but I did find, if I remember right, a butterfly but it was kind of hard to get to. Do you have to actually walk into the object for it to count?

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        Hi Xero! thanks for the reply. This is interesting, maybe some Dreams don't work similar for everyone.
        I made a First Person Puppet to walk around with a Cursor (a small circle, maybe too small?) that switches to a hand if You hover over a Hotspot -> then on Top I put the text "press Square to interact".
        First of all the Cursor is a Tag on the Camera-Microchip, so it's a bit tricky (for me) to place a fitting trigger zone.
        And my other thought is, I use the alternative controls (steering the imp with the sticks), maybe it doesn't work with the original control scheme? I have to try this out. But I think a puppet you always control with the sticks ... hmmm ...

        Sorry for the mess, but it's a long, long way to make something real nice in Dreams ... something that works *gggg*