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What does Dreams mean to me?

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  • What does Dreams mean to me?

    As some of you may know I started asking some people in the Dreams community to help me with a little project that requires them making a short video. I started messaging as many people as Twitter would let me with this idea:

    Here's my idea.
    Firstly I would like to keep this a secret, at least from Mm as it would be a nice surprise for them. So if we could keep this between just us I would appreciate it.
    The aim is to get lots of community members to make a video called 'What Dreams means to me'. In the video each person introduces themselves (first names would be nice, if you're not comfortable with first names your PSN is fine) and speaks a little about their day to day life and how Dreams fits into that.
    You could talk about how Dreams has affected your life, whether it was what you expected, what you use the game for and so on. Get as personal as you want, but stay positive.
    End with you asking yourself 'What does Dreams mean to me?' and give your answer.

    The video should only be a few mins long, no more than 5 mins if you can help it. You have creative freedom as to how you make the video, whether it's all from the PS4 Sharefactory or from a PC with fancy edits. Use your own Dreams creations, other peoples if you play more than create, if you use a facecam for your videos feel free to use one here, as much or as little as you want.

    Dreams releases on Friday 14th Feb, the aim is to get everyone to upload on this week, so from Friday 7th Feb, upload their video to their YouTube channel with the title ' What Dreams means to me: *Your Name*' (so mine for example will be 'What Dreams means to me: GentlemanTom').
    This gives you a little over a month to make the video.
    Once uploaded, if you could send me a link to your video here so I can watch and add to a playlist that would be great!
    I hope I worded this clearly, basically:
    Make a video 5 mins or less about what dreams mean to you.
    upload on the week of FEB 7th - 14th
    Send me a link of your video so I can collect everyones for a playlist

    Again I would like to keep this a secret so we can surprise Mm and show them what all their hard work means to us <3

    A few weeks go by and I have gathered close to 30 people to either agree or a solid maybe to take part. I also messaged Dorien and he asked if he could ask some of the people he know who would want to take part, and with his help we got the message to 60+ people!
    And now the day is here!
    Videos started coming in and being uploaded before I woke up, so my day started a bit crazy! After sending lots of DMs on twitter and getting the videos into a playlist (something you can not do if the video is set to 'made for kids', which was another headache!), we get everyone to go public and share away!

    And now I am here, this is something I want any and all fans of Dreams to take part in should they want to. The idea is open to all, if you want to make a video telling what Dreams means to you please do! Also shoot me a link and I will add it to the play list!

    Thank you all!

    Here's the link:
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    It’s a great idea and that’s why I’m supporting it so much and helped out. This community is unbelievable and is only going to grow and get stronger. Due to this amazing game they Mm has made. It is the least we can do to say thanks to them for everything they do for the community ♥️♥️


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      here's my small contribution to this great community message...apologies for the voice but it's the only one I have