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How do I make a new model without connect

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  • How do I make a new model without connect

    Hi fellow dreamers, when I start a new creation and select game, everything connects together as a group to the floor. How do I set objects seperate from one another? This has been bothering me and getting in the way of my creation flexibility. For now I always create "new sculpture" each time. I'm sure thats not the best way and takes up more space. Any suggestions with regards to sculptures environmental modeling spare is much appreciated. I only started Dreams a few days ago.

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    Moving this to Q&A
    Have you done the in game tutorials? If not I’d recommend starting with Sculpting and Character Art creation as those give an overview of the difference between Sculpt Mode, Assembly Mode, and dealing with Groups.
    Whether to keep working in one sculpt or create a new one depends mainly on how those will be used - a single Sculpt is one object.
    Gameplay thermo is how many objects exist is a creation, and it’s affected by everything including logic/gadgets. Graphics thermo represents visual complexity, it’s affected by Sculpts and Paintings but not by any type of gadgets.
    I have a collection of tutorial videos on YouTube @ LBPookachoo