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Rotate object with stick AND a button (boost)

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  • Rotate object with stick AND a button (boost)

    So, I rotate my tank with the right stick (x vector) simple enough.
    Today I thought I’d add a turning boost, so, when you push a button, (R3) then the signal would double, and thus, turn twice as quickly) seems simple enough, but good golly, I spent near on two hours trying to crack what I thought was going to be a 5 minute job! Any ideas how to do this simply?
    (Issues I found) it’s easy to double the right turn (clockwise) boost...the right stick output far right) + R3 = a signal of +2
    but of course, the right stick far left = a signal of -1, add the R3 button and that means you get 0 ( -1 + +1)

    so, what I need is: When the right sick is far left, and the right sick is pressed, I want a total of -2 ( I need to keep the varied output from the stick)

    any ideas? I’m certain this is simple, but it eluded me, I tried every trick and logic I could think of lol