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Making a gun turret using ball joints

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  • Making a gun turret using ball joints

    This is driving me crazy!
    i want to make a gun turret that pivots in all directions, in a socket (think of the turret in the millennium falcon, or a wellington bomber) I assumed it would be easy, just use a ball joint right? Nope. These connectors are driving me crazy!
    I want to be able to place the ball joint in an exact position, but they can only be connected to an external surface ( I want it to be dead centre of a sphere) The other issue is, you can’t adjust the length of the ‘rods’ unlike a piston, so you can’t pull the sphere out, place the the ball joint in the correct position and then place the sphere back in its socket......or am I wrong?
    Any idea how I can do this, as I’m stumped

    EDIT: sorted!
    Here’s the thing with dreams, especially in the aren’t familiar with the mechanics, so some things may well be simple, but fecckkkkkk they drive you crazy working them out.
    I now understand how joints work in the this game (yes I did the tutorial, but forgot so this, like my other post can be deleted.
    thanks for ya time.

    EDIT EDIT: I just published what I’ve done so far with five days owning dreams to show my friend, but thought I’d leave it up if any of your are interested...
    it’s called tank test, by me, shade_seeker.

    its just a playground at the moment, but my friend had a LOT of fun flying around (think speedboat crossed with a starwars speeder) doing silly jumps and stuff.

    right stuck up/down to change cannon angle
    left trigger = boost
    L1 is the ball turret (very rough) . (There’s a single target infront of you when you start) when it’s in the trigger zone, the ball turret tracks (though misses atm lol) the target, if not, then it just shoots directly forward .....
    touch pad to alter strength of gyro (d-pad up and down)

    ive got various mechanics running to keep the thing from tipping, rolling and flying too high, using angle sensors....I’ve tried getting the ray cast to set its pitch and roll to align with the contours of the scenery, but that isn’t working out atm, so if you stop on a slope, it looks a bit weird.....

    but yeah, good fun. I know this isn’t the place to post this, but seems I can’t delete this post, I thought I’d add this here rather than starting yet another thread
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