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Best trigger for emitting a streaming world?

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  • Best trigger for emitting a streaming world?

    I've got a few environment pieces I'm emitting and destroying in a large level, triggered by a zone on the camera, detecting tags on the emitters. There's definitely a thermo savings in streaming a world this way but there are two problems I hope to solve, for more saving.

    How might I get this to work only on the active camera as I cut or transition to different ones?

    Is there a way to detect if another trigger zone (on the emitter) is within view, not blocked by a wall?

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    Just for clarification, are you using a Trigger Zone set to detect Camera? From what I can tell that should only detect the active camera, but maybe I’m not understanding right.

    To detect a wall, you might be able to use a Laser Scope set to Point At Tag and use Local Space


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      Actually, the trigger zone is on the camera so I have it set to detect my emitters. This is so I can have the detection take place in front of the camera and not waste thermo on emitted objects behind the camera. I'll try triggers on all my emitters too so when they're detecting each other, that's when my environment pieces emit...