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  • emitters and destroyers

    Just a query regarding the use of emitters and destroyers. In LBP a combination of emitting and destroying assets within a level could help improve performance and speed/frame rate within a level. Does this work in dreams? I keep hitting thermo limits and experiencing slow down of frame rate and speed of the vehicle I'm driving. Any thoughts on the use of them?

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    Emitters won’t help the Graphics Thermo, because anything being emitted has already accounted for by that thermo. But it can help with the gameplay thermo, and with slow down depending on the cause...
    Too many things that are movable and collidable will give you the red snail, so if emitting/destroying those things allows you to have fewer of them at any given time, that helps. Same applies for physical paint.


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      thanks pooks

      I played around with destroyers and by destroying assets that were at the start of my level the frame rate picked up later in the level where I had been suffering lag issues...going to play with emitters next