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Extracting a personal creation from a shared one.

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  • Extracting a personal creation from a shared one.

    Maybe it's just user error but I seem to have encountered a lot of annoying quirks with asset genealogy, what I can and can't publish because of some history of using a private asset, and I'm not sure how to describe it ...but something like children exported from a level being connected to one another.

    My first problem is trying to publish a Sci-Fi chair I created in a level containing assets that were collaboration with another user. I've saved it out as a new sculpture and remove the other imported objects so there's no indication of assets needing to be updated or any apparent connection to an outside thing from within the scene. However when I try to publish that cleaned up version publicly, it says I can't because it contains private stuff. I've got a few issues like this and the only solution I can think of is to recreate them from scratch as new sculptures so there's no version history of previous shared assets and no imports even if they're subsequently deleted. Doable but annoying. There are shared assets I would like to use as scale reference.

    The other related issue that makes even less sense is a completely different group (door) exported from the original master scene as a new sculpture, acts like it's an import of the chair I exported earlier. If I update, my door turns into a chair. I still can't publish it because it supposedly contains private things.

    It seems like my collaborator and I may run into a catch-22 when we both want to publish publicly with our mishmash of ownership over elements and levels in a dream. I can't publish if he hasn't and he can't publish if I haven't if there's this cross-pollination of elements owned by the other that have become unrecognizable through subsequent collaborative edits and remixes.

    Does this make sense or as anyone else encountered similar issues?
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    Regarding the chair and door, I don’t know why that happening but a possible workaround might be to remix the master scene and then delete everything except the object you want - and do that for both objects separately. That will mean getting your collaborator to publish also, so you have the option to remix.
    Remixing should prevent that updating issue because the new creation won’t reference the old one.