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  • updating collection

    Soooo I created my first collection but seem to be struggling to update it when I want to add content to it? any advice or known issues?
    I seem to be able to edit the collection and add new stuff on my create profile/system but then there seems to be no option to publish the updated version, no green release arrow? any ideas? thank you

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    When you pause there's the "save as version" as normal, which has all the ways of uploading/publishing. If you want to use the green button specifically, you'll need to go to the cover page of the collection. Using X on the icon will open the collection. So instead, use L1+X to see its cover. The green button should be there.


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      What Tap said
      Also worth knowing, if your collection contains other collections of yours, when you release/update you’ll be asked how you want to save that nested collection. By default it’s usually set to Private so be sure to check that