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Mini Golf Template - 3 Holes in one scene

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  • Mini Golf Template - 3 Holes in one scene


    I am currently creating a golf course using elements from the mini golf template and would like to have 3 holes (or more) in one scene rather than just one hole per scene so that I can make it more like a proper course layout (without having to reproduce the scenery again etc) but have no idea how to do this and wondered if anyone could help or at least point me in the right direction.

    I have played with the logic (although I have very little idea what I am doing or where to look as it's pretty complex and I get lost so I am just hacking at it) but I just can't figure out how to move to the next hole in the same scene (and sort the scoring) .

    I initially tried a teleporter instead of the exit door (link to next scene) with a tag at the start of the next hole so that the players move to the next hole's tag after the hole has been finished but no matter what I attach the teleporter to it just doesn't work.

    I am quickly running out of ideas an approaching a dead end and just wondered if anyone can help,

    Thank you