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Does anyone know how to unlock stuff

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  • Does anyone know how to unlock stuff

    Does anyone know how to make a cup come up on a menu screen once you got 1st place in a race? So I'm thinking you do 3 races get 1st on each one get 3 gold stars or something and then that unlocks the next set of races to do. I'm a bit stuck I know it's to do with variable modifiers but I can't work it out. Can't really release the game till I figure this out. What I really wanted to do also was earn money and buy new cars but I don't know how to do that either. If anyone knows a link or could help that would be awesome.
    on a happier note my drift system or egm as I call it in game is pretty good took me about 100years to think of it but I got that nailed in the end.

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    I guess you'd want to count the gold stars you got using a counter. Set the target of the counter to 3, and then once it's been increased 3 times it'll send a signal from "counter full." You can use that to power your cup or an animation or whatever.

    If you want to gain money and spend money and such, then yes variables would be the way to go. You have a variable gadget named something specific, and then when you power a variable modifier gadget targeting that name, it will modify that variable. For example, a modifier that +10 to "Money" will add 10 to the Money value when you power it.

    Then when you want to buy something, you can check if you have that amount of money. If you do, allow them to buy it and power a modifier that subtracts the cost from "Money." If they don't, don't subtract that amount, and tell them they can't buy it.

    I have tutorials all about variables here:


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      Hi. I made my medals for my demo was actually really easy when I finally figured out you have to push up on d pad after you done the value modifier. Thanks for the link. I'm trying to find your race position video on your channel but its hard to find as you have about 1000000 videos on there now lol.


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        I have a "car racing" playlist with stuff about cars and logic for races.

        I have an "instant sorting" tutorial series on, or coming to youtube this week in fact. It's more complex, so depends on how you need the positioning stuff to work.