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Do you think dreams should have a help wanted section ?

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  • Do you think dreams should have a help wanted section ?

    collaboration it would be great to work as a team with people. But it not to clear how we are suppose to ask other for help or find other who needs help. and lots of people like to show off there half bake work. I was told this was a big NO NO that it bring down your likes for your work. But I think people do it so they can get attention and hope to find help with it. But maybe if dreams created a place that got traffic where people can ask for help and seek collaboration . what do you think about dreams creating a help wanted section.

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    I think this would be good, and I think it may have been suggested in the official forum - where there is a collaboration section that doesn’t get much use.
    In my CoMmunity Popit collection there are two community made “bulletin boards” which also don’t get a whole lot of use.
    Probably a lot more people should want to use a single, centralized resource within the game


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      I just thought this was a good idea because some times problems are to hard to figure out how to put in words and it would be nice if you could just bring someone in and show them what going on instead of explain it. dreams sometime feel like one of them things where everybody says is easy and then you try and then strongly disagree.


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        You can add users as collaborators, and they will have access to edit mode for the creation. And you can shareplay with people to show them your screen.


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          Thank you TAPgiles I never really tought of that. I am afraid that sending someone you don`t know a collaborator would be rude. Because that might be bugging them. But I do know that are impy name is the same name as are ps name. which would mean you probably could send someone a friend request on ps account and everything you can do on ps4 that you can`t on dreams you would have access to like video chat and inviting to a ps chatroom. The problem with this is no one from dreams every sent me a friend request so I am not sure if this is what ever one would be up for. I not sure how people make friend on here. One idea that I thought of would be if I ask everyone hear like in a thread. what is your favorite multiplayer game beside dreams. Using some other platform to meet other on. I don`t know of any popular platform like in Facebook or twitter that get lots of attention. where you would be free to express your ideas or problems.


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            I'd recommend sending them a message using PSN first. Or elsewhere if you can contact them. You'd want to know that they aren't bad people who would just go in and trash it to annoy you, anyway--so probably not a great idea to send it to someone you've never spoken to.

            There are lots of Dreams communities on the internet itself, in different places. Twitter has a lot of dreamers, Reddit has the /r/ps4dreams subreddit, and Discord has many servers for dreamers communities. There are many places that have many dreamers talking and working together in various ways.

            Everything doesn't have to be accessed through a PlayStation, to make friends. And there doesn't need to be a completely separate social media site just for dreamers, either. There are many places to look even now :D

            By the way, there is an official Mm Dreams forum, with a dedicated collaboration section... though it's just a bit quiet for now.


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              Thank you TAPgiles for showing me some pages to look at I already been looking at and it look cool. I posted my collaboration idea which is a Toonami game where you play as Tom and then drive a space ship. If I find a team it would be great if not I will still try on my own.