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how do I even get started

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  • how do I even get started

    So. I tried for a while now and I am afraid to say I suck at sculpting, and everything I try and make (preferably thing to take control of) and the come out really jittery
    So I have to ask.... how do I even start? In Dreams tutorials don't seem to really help me out

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    Do you mean you're jointing things up and putting them into a puppet? And then they're jittering around while you're just sitting there? Make sure you turn off collision for those sculpts; they're most likely colliding with each other.

    As for more general "getting started" stuff, getting good at art takes practise. There's not really a way around that beyond having previous experience, which I'm guessing you don't have.

    What things do you want to learn? Maybe I can help you find the in-game tutorials for that, or recommend some youtube videos or channels on those topics.


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      Maybe adjusting some of the options in the settings may help? imp sensitivity etc.
      Imp drift is still the bane of my dreams existence when sculpting tho.
      I do find sculpting in PSVR on dreams a lot easier when I remember to break out the headset on occasion,the extra sense of dimension seems to help me co-ordinate better. I also enjoy editing the sculpts of existing assets out there in the dreamiverse as it gives an idea how they were created and helps practice