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help I have creator block '''''

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  • help I have creator block '''''

    creator block have you every heard of writer block, where you get started on an idea and then It feel like a great idea then half way thought it you just freeze and then can not move any further. you start sculpting a character and then can not remember what exactly what you wanted it to look like in the end. writer call it writer block. I am notice the same problem on creating games too. I been asking myself if I should plan out my idea. and make sketches and draw out maps first. We have tutorials on logic and sculpting But what nobody every talk about is planing out your idea to help you prevent writer block or in this case creator block. I am not quit sure how to the process would go.

    I figure I would first select some good reference. by writing and describing out my detail . when you write out your detail you normal come across all tapes of words that can be used in search engines. and in dreams to find asset as reference. finding reference of scenes and then drawing out a map could cover most of your level design. character, I would sketch out front and side image . I find it easier to sketch from my head then sculpting from my head. but I still use reference using the describing technique . animation has animation reference you can google up you can also find a movie and then slow it way down then copy your key frames in tell matches.

    Do you plan out your idea before working in dreams let me know your process.

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    Welp, sounds like you've figured out the solution to your problem (this forum breaks if you put an emoji in, so imagine a smile emoji)

    I (used to) write fiction, and that's how I would go about it, pretty much. For writers it's called "outlining" when talking about the plot of the story. Or "worldbuilding" when talking about developing the world, characters, etc... stuff "around" the plot but not the plot itself. Knowing a bit about where you're headed, even if it's not 100% clear or set in stone, can help keep you focussed.

    For a book I began writing, as I wrote the prose itself I would leave notes for myself marked with [brackets like this] then just keep on writing the prose without worrying about it. So I could come back later and develop those ideas for later in the story. No clue what the equivalent would be for developing a game... maybe just jot down ideas as they come to you and then carry on sculpt or whatever you were doing.

    Basically, whenever you have a hint of an idea, write it down and put it out of your mind so you can keep working on what you're doing. Then come back to those ideas to get the juices flowing and figure out what to do next.


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      Hey thank you. I saw your youtube channel your really good. I am still in the mist of figuring out my way. I find out using a program on my labtop called gimp help the best because I can edit images. I been working on characters and logic behind them. we can not use emoji what about images. The ability to use images on forum would of been really useful for collaboration sharing drawing of character and maps and stuff would help a lot. I know people can not collaborate on dreams to well they have to rely on forum and other social platforms.

      I ran in to a problem with the thermo. I never came across thermo problems before. my gameplay memory keep shooting up and all I got done was part of the castle finish. I am starting to feel like my plan of using other asset to speed up my work is felling. the thermo suggest that I need to use less assets. that going to get in way of trying to make creating a dream easier for everyone. I still don`t know maybe not I need to learn more about this thermo. does logic effect it if so then that going to be a big issue because using AI character and enemy are going to be limited.
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        Yeah, mastering the thermo isn't hard but it's something that's vital if you want to make bigger/more complex stuff. Here's my tutorials on optimisation, performance, and thermo for all aspects of Dreams... Optimisation Tutorials.