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Item moves around in animation

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  • Item moves around in animation

    I'm messing around and learning animation and I want my puppet to drop into a stance and lunge forward with 2 swords. I have both swords attached to the puppets hands like the tutorial teaches with the hat, and one of them stays with the hand, but the other moves around. Everytime I make an edit to a keyframe, it jumps somewhere else and when testing, it'll sometimes drop or just not be there. I've switched moveable on and off for the sword, switched the gravity on and off, nothing works

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    Yeah the sword should be non-movable so it moves with the hand. You're not keyframing the sword itself or anything are you? You should just animate the hand group that contains the hand and the sword.


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      No, what I do is I place the keyframe into the puppets logic space, then scope into the puppet so I can move the individual pieces, but I always start scoped out of everything


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        That's fine; doesn't matter where you start when you begin recording or anything. If you want to upload it privately and add me as a collaborator I can take a quick look and see what's going on.


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          If you do, could you DM me on twitter please? I don't get notifications from here. I'm tapgiles on there.