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  • big level editing kit idea

    Hello new here and love dreams and been playing it for a while now. I love playing the creations in it. I thought of a few thing that could help dream work better. I study blender and unity and other software before. One thing that work good in them software that not in dreams is sharing animation which mean taking animation from one rig character and bring it on to anther rig character. There also multi view camera angles.

    But since we can not share animation . I been think of a few hacks that could still help . first I tried puppet swap which mean you could swap puppet with different animation on it with out the player knowing it. But that did not work the teleport stop the other puppet from moving. Now I decided I just need to take one puppet and stuff a whole bunch of animation and logic in to it. If I could build a asset kit with a puppet with a library of animation and logic it would save people time by not having to redo the animation and logic again and again it could speed the work flow and make using dream more enjoyable.

    If this huge kit had boss battle . boss that drop small enemy , friends and shops AI people. item that have logic on them. Everything that could make building a dream in dream feel like using a level editor. logic that can be tweak easy having text displayer tell how to tweak logic like a manual. all puppet animation for sword, hand to hand combat and guns. first person and third person camera view so player can choose which one they want to play the game with. basically every basic game function you can think of that goes in to a game in to this kit.

    one problem about this is it is a lot of work and I am not good at animation and logic very will this may not happen for a long time. I been having trouble with animation . I can not move the limbs on the puppet. They are stuck. I tried looking a puppet interface. But I can not move the limbs they just keep snapping back to the same potion. I have no idea.
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    I think media molecule need to add a puppet reset switch in stead of making us grab anther puppet. The bones seem to get mangled very easy when trying to pose him and if we had a reset switch that would help us edit the keyframes. I hate when this problem happens and all other animation that was made get ruined because of this.