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Lego game help (in game connecting)

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  • Lego game help (in game connecting)

    I'm trying to make a Lego "game" where you can just build things in game. I was thinking it would be nice if there was a magnet gadget where if the 2 blocks are close enough they snap together. Any Ideas on how to do something like this?



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    As in, grab stuff with the imp, put it near another block, and they snap together and act as one object? That sort of thing?


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      exactly. Also, some way to unconnect them too.


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        Yeah, it's going to be tricky; there's no such gadget to make that easy.

        Something you could try is, have a follower on the block you grab (0 speed/strength/damping) looking for a tag in the target block, and set the follower's zone to quite small... the range you want it to snap from. The target block's tag will send a signal from "tag output" when it's the closest tag to that follower. Use that to power a second tag, and have the grabbed block teleport to that tag (with match orientation on). Adjust the teleporter gizmo to change the position/orientation it'll have relative to the target tag.

        That's the only way I can think of to start working towards what you want. But it will probably be very difficult to get it to properly work with lots of blocks and them all interacting.


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          Guess I'll just look toward a different project then. Maybe I'll just make a playroom with all the pieces maybe


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            Yeah, if you're fairly new to Dreams, make more stuff you know how to make or that Dreams has built-in. Get a few projects down, more experience... and you'll be able to make more complex things over time. I believe in you! :D