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  • Watermark off?


    When I go to hide Watermark in Preferences > Display > Visuals or Prompts - there is no option to turn off watermark.

    I can see "Enable UI Effects" and "Graphics Mode" but there is nothing beneath that. And no scroller.

    Is this because I am in offline mode, or any TIP on why this is?

    : )

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    On Display > Visuals is Screen Shake, Motion Blur, Enable UI Effects, Show Watermark. It's a slider for the watermark's opacity.


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      The watermark opacity setting should be at the bottom of that list, and you should have to scroll down for it. Does nothing happen if you press down on the sticks of d-pad? I checked and I still see all those same options when offline.


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        Here are screen shots...

        Apologies I would have sent before...I thought I must be missing it.

        CONFIRM... watermark option not there. No slider.

        Click image for larger version  Name:	error2.png Views:	0 Size:	990.2 KB ID:	11510

        D pad down goes to Display (as shown) and through main menu.

        Also d pad goes through Screen Shake to Graphics Mode - then stops on Graphics Mode.

        So seems like it is not hidden.

        Also included is PROMPTS - scrolled to the bottom.

        Click image for larger version  Name:	error1.png Views:	0 Size:	931.2 KB ID:	11508

        Thanks guys! I have no idea on this. Version or something?

        I see the lock to the lower right is "Restricted Mode".... possibly that?

        I've never logged into internet - because need to buy 40ft crossover cable.

        : )
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          Okay, I think very likely the issue is that you need to update Dreams because this feature was not always there, it did come in an update. Are you not able to connect your console via WiFi?


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            Awesome! I will connect... update.

            I wanted to be 100% offline (because updates - backward compatibility, etc).

            But ok. : )



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              Some creations from Beta and Early Access had issues when the full game launched, but I haven’t heard of any backwards compatible problems since launch.
              I have seen a few creators have profile corruption (usually due to power failure) so while you’re online, I recommend saving all your important work online as Private - no one else can even see that the creations exist and they’ll be safe if something happens to your console


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                SOLVED. 2.5 gigs of updates did add the watermark slider to Preferences > Display.

                Thank you!

                I wouldn't have thought of that.

                Also, I noticed a few other improvements in the update...

                LUV DREAMS!