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Help to make object/sculp rotates in a local 3D space, like a animation editor.

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  • Help to make object/sculp rotates in a local 3D space, like a animation editor.

    My goal is to make a sculp/object rotate with the values of degrees that i put in, is to work similar like a Animation Editor you see in other applications. So i am trying to make a system that can rotate a object in its own local space with a vector of 3 variables representing a 3D rotation, similar to Tait–Bryan angles.

    There is a page from Wikipedia to have more reference, "",and also a quick good video to easy understand, search for "2.3 Rotations in 3D" . So far i manage to get the idea working until a certain point, but i hit a wall. I am tryng to use the option of look at direction of the global space, but with compensating orientation of the parent sculp/object i manage to make like its looking in a local space.

    So i am trying to use 2 or 3 LookAtRotator gadget to simulate 2 perpendicular vectors and using a rotation 3D vector and cross product to generalize a 3D rotation in the local space.

    If anyone wants to help and have a closer look to it, i will publish a remixable version of the element, the name will be "3D rotation with values", my username is "X-Pvsmen-X".

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    This coMmuntiy creation might be helpful to pick apart


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      Thanks, but the use of a emitter is not good for making similar animation like bones of skeleton.

      I didnt know that emitter had that option, but its too bad that its only applying when its spawn an object. I will have a closer look to others it similar dream name you show me.


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        Okay, i manage to past my problem with the help of other Dreamers logic, especially with quaternions. But when i tought everything as going well, there is one bone in the puppet structure that does not behaves the same way from the others. It is the pelvis, i belive that it was because it acts like a root or something similar like a puppet heart, and it always try to stay upright, but i notice that it can rotate with keyframes, but the LookAtRotators that i use for others bones doesn't work. Can someone help with that? The Dream is remixable to take a look.

        Obs: I try to mess with the bone structure, but if not correct like 1:1, it causes the LookAtRotators to not work, like it was off, plus i also try extract the sculpts competely from the puppet to just a group of sculpts, but it causes other problems with physics, and when i turn it off, the LookAtRotators acts in different places causing making weird rotations or breaking joints.