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Emitted car no checkpoints working

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  • Emitted car no checkpoints working

    Got 4 cars on variable modifier they work as normal when controller possessed but if drive via the emitter the checkpoints respawn doesn't work. It just gives me a bubbly screen and does nothing. I've noticed all the logic is greyed out on the emitters cars(but is powered before emitter applied) so it must be that but how do I get round this or no one will be able to die without starting again,which they wont.

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    I don’t have much experience with checkpoints that aren’t also doorways so I did a quick test with a plank puppet and found that when emitted, the puppet doesn’t respawn at a checkpoint. If I just drop the puppet into the scene and then activate a checkpoint, the checkpoint itself essentially acts like an emitter. Could it possibly work to skip the emitter all together?