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Buttons to start and stop camera sequences?

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  • Buttons to start and stop camera sequences?


    This is my first question and I am really loving DREAMS! It is so cool, thank you so much. Life changing.

    A screenshot of what I try, and the QUESTION for TIPS on how to improve or simplify?

    Click image for larger version  Name:	camrig1.png Views:	0 Size:	773.0 KB ID:	11473
    The GOAL is for Dialog Buttons to Start and Stop many different CAMERA SEQUENCES, as simply as possible.

    You see there is first a ZONE to show the TEXT DISPLAYER.

    The PROBLEM (for me) was when I tried to connect the SEQ1 Button Press to the TIMELINEPOWER.

    Can someone explain why this does not work?

    My GUESS was that TIMELINE POWER needs constant signal?

    And so you see, COUNT and a TIMER to RESET and then POWER after time out.

    I tried all combinations of: Once, Sustain, Loop.

    It... kind of works.

    And a bit of a mess.

    It seemed to get better behavior after I saved it as a remix.

    Often the buttons do not power the timeline, and I'm not sure why.

    IDEALLY it would be AWESOME to simply connect a BUTTON PRESS directly to POWER a TIMELINE.

    Any TIPS ON THIS? Or EXAMPLES? Or insight... : )

    I NEED to run many SEQUENCES many times. Start and restart SEQUENCE AUTOMATION.

    Any video links would be greatly appreciated.

    I watch Connie and Cuthbert many times.

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    Well, first off, I don’t see a Controller gadget connected to the logic. With a Controller Gadget and the Trigger Zone hooked into an “AND” connector to the dialogue box, it would mean it would reqire a button press inside the zone to function.

    make sure the Controller gadget is set to remote for it not to be affected by a possessed puppet.


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      What I would try, is a Keyframe that changes the playback speed of your timeline to 0% and I think that should essentially pause the play head. If you want it to toggle, connect your button output to a Switch and use that to power the keyframe.


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        Thanks for tips. I had a controller and removed it, and will revisit with remote TIP.

        Also rephrased...


        Hundreds of buttons... Hundreds of SEQs. : )

        Maybe this is (somewhat) new.


        I don't understand why button press does not power timeline?

        Would like 2 kno.


        A clue from Pookachoo (gr8 handle).

        Speed 0%, and Switch. Considering...


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          I’ve done a test an you can power the timeline with a button press from the Dialogue Text Displayer, using an output from Dialog Properties tab. However I found this didn’t work in Test Mode, had to go into Play Mode for the dialogue text to work.
          But with the timeline powered off, your camera won’t be active - using a Keyframe as I mentioned will pause the timeline while keeping the current camera switched on. One thing I’ve noticed though, if you have timed transitions between your cameras those transitions can get funky when the playback speed drops to 0%
          I don’t have the most experience with cameras myself, need to catch upon some learning there
          It’s not necessary to have a controller sensor gadget in this case because the dialogue displayer functions as a remote controller sensor.


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            Okay, so... the problem with my Keyframe suggestion was that slowing the timeline doesn’t slow the camera gadget transitions so not quite effective as a “pause” button. But if instead of multiple cameras on a timeline you have 1 camera with the transitions keyframed on the timeline, then you can reduce playback speed to 0% and pause accurately mid transition. You can do this with a button press from the dialogue displayer.
            TapGiles shows how to Keyframe a single camera here:


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              Wow! Thanks Pookachoo ... nice to meet you, very helpful!

              I will try those things and post back advancements.

              - KEYFRAME CAMERA controls off of Dialog Text Displayer (attempt)

              - "PAUSE" BTN. (single camera)

              > Need to EASILY SWITCH (somewhat seamless) between ... many ... SEQUENCES.

              LINK is perfect...TY!

              subscribed. : )
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                A lot of my tutorials are from Beta and Early Access so they’re outdated - I should probably update my signature or do some new ones
                I do suggest checkout my “CoMmunity Popit” Collection in Dreams, especially the “Tools Bag” sub section


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                  Hey guys!

                  I wanted to say congrats to BOTH of you! Seriously.
                  So cool to see BOTH of you nominated. My kids couldn't believe it!

                  PING TAPgiles

                  TAP... CONGRATS. So happy 4 U.
                  My family and I cheer and high-five for you BOTH!
                  Pookachoo... they LIKE ur name!

                  Thanks for your help so much. I vote for you.

                  Also i'm insta @netcinemo, and I give back. : )

                  Advanced camera rigs in 2021. It's gonna be pretty cool...

                  TAP you know about it. Buttons that trigger teleports with cam rigs .... everywhere.

                  Sculpted PUPPETS, on IG. Almost into GADGETS!

                  20yr programmer background - translation matrix. : )


                  Check it out! : )

                  And thank you.
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