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  • Wireless Woes

    So I’m trying to figure out wireless Transmitters and Receivers with my typical lack of luck and possibly understanding.

    I have a collectible coin with a Transmitter, labelled ‘Coin’. On the puppet is a Receiver, also named ‘Coin’.

    When the coin is collected, the Transmitter is supposed to send out a signal to the Receiver to change the puppet’s facial expression, but nothing happens.

    Transmitter is directly wired to the detection zone on the coin.

    Receiver is wired to a counter (set to 1) that then triggers the face expression logic and a timer that resets the counter in 1 second.

    Based on all testing, the Receiver is not getting the signal, as the counter is not going up.

    There is a Destroyer on the coin, but I have put a delay with a timer (0.5 sec) yet the Transmitter refuses to Transmit?

    I think...

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    Okay, seems I figured it out. Apparently at some point, I wired the trigger zone on the coin to the POWER on the Transmitter, when it was supposed to be connecting to the left side of the Transmitter.

    I think...