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  • Hunger Logic

    I’m trying to create logic that slowly over time reduces a puppet’s health. I have a timer and a health modifier, but it doesn’ seem to be working.

    Anyone have any ideas?

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    I finally figured it out. Seems I was over-thinking it. Just the timer and health modifier stamped into the puppet’s logic (no need to wire it to the puppet logic, just each other)

    For those interested in it:

    I set the health modifier to -1 health
    Modifier Mode is Per Hit
    Modifier Type is Zone (make sure puppet is in zone)
    Removed all but Friend label to prevent other things from being affected.

    Set the Timer to the desired time, and wire up the Timer Finished (Signal) [The bottom one in its menu] to the Health Modifier

    Also wire the Timer Finished (Pulse) to the Timer’s own Reset Timer so it keeps running.

    I added an On/Off switch so I can toggle the feature on and off for testing.


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      An alternative method:
      Timer set to Count Down, Timer Output connected to Current Health input on the Health Manager.