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  • Racing car AI

    Any advice how to get some racing AI would be great. I've tried possessing cars it's really buggy. I've tried ninjuana's clone cars but they don't work right either on my tracks.
    I'm desperate to get some AI on as the game is looking good. It's been a long slog battling with logic but I got there in my own way.
    But this is one task I need some help with.
    Any takers?

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    So I have nearly got some AI that makes it round about 95% of the track. Just gotta get that last bit sussed.
    still open to advice though.


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      Nerfed the track after tinkering for hours.
      Achieved zero.
      issue was any dampening on a follower slows the car way down too much. Car crashes and won't restart.
      starting to think the track is the problem.too many bumps and ramps won't be much fun without them though.
      not track even crashes on straights


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        So after loads of tinkering for 3 or 4 nights finally got some AI to go round the track for the best part of it. Basically for anyone following this it's all about the track it has to be butter smooth and no risky jumps. It's weird the AI is like sniffer dogs any slight holes on the sides of the track the AI finds it and just stops at it pointing to it as soon as you change it too scenery it just drives off. It also doesn't like sharp turns after long straights.
        God it was a pain but having some AI makes the game so much better.
        Now for the next headache... race positions.


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          I feel for you, Dirty8track. My logic skills are still at a novice level and if I was able, I’d offer to help. I’ve barely touched puppetry, and I haven’t done any A.I. stuff yet...