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How to animate actions that move the character's position?

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  • How to animate actions that move the character's position?

    I'm starting to animate my character and I'm having a few issues.
    For example, let's say I want to animate a dash animation. I'm trying to for a very quick time increase his speed and acceleration, but it's not working as I imagined.
    Is there a way to set the speed to a specific value without using the acceleration? Like, he's at speed 0, then speed 100 for 1 second then back to zero.
    Also when I start working on the attacks' animations, I don't want him to walk with the Left Stick and attack at the same time. I want him to move forward with each attack, but this movement is not controlled by the stick, but by each attack's animation. The stick would only control the direction.
    Are there any tutorials on it? Most tutorials I find are basic about keyframes and all.

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    You could use a keyframe to up the speed and up the acceleration. Add that to the timeline and stretch it along for the duration you want.

    For the attack, use a keyframe in the animation to set speed to 0. Have a mover with "local space" turned on so it's always "forward" or whatever, and put it in the timeline too.