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How to transform a controllable object with a button

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  • How to transform a controllable object with a button

    Hello everybody !

    I've been trying to find a solution to this problem for 2 days...
    I made a controllable sculpture (cube) . I should point out that it's not a puppet. It can move in all directions by "rolling" as a cube should physically "roll". I also assigned it a jump.

    I would like this sculpture (which is my character) to transform, to turn into something else when I press square button by triggering a small animation (or a single keyframe, whatever) while keeping the cube position when I press the button.

    I tried with reference image (I tried another method in vain) to modify the sculpture but when we record the reference image, we can only modify its state like the brightness, color etc ... the rest is grayed out like sculpture mode and others. (which is so restricted !!)
    Also, when we create a reference image, it saves the location of the object where we made the change, so that even if we are at another end of the scene, when I press square, it teleports me during this fraction of a second to the place of the recording of the reference image while I would like this "transformation" to logically follow my controllable cube and replaces it at the same coordinates !

    So, I concluded maybe this is not the right way to do what I want. I told myself maybe there is a way to replace my sculpture with another one by making a "file call" (I didn't find) or other sculpture in the scene...
    I was advice to use tags and teleportation gadgets. I made an other sculpture (transformed) I can call with a tag and teleportation gadget but I can't replace my cube by the new object because there's no opacity option too (?!!) and we can't delete the first cube ... they stick to each other.

    Maybe there is a simple way to do that ! Can someone help me??

    I hope I was clear enough because it's quite difficult to explain in writing. Thanks in advance !

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    Have both versions of your character overlapping and grouped together, so they both move as one. Start with only the cube form visible, then set up your button press to make the cube invisible and the alternate form visible. You can do this by tweaking visibility on individual Sculpts, or by turning the power on/off for an object or group.


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      Thanks a lot Pookachoo ! It really helped me. I can continue a bit more now