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    Hi friends,

    after having done some music and a spooky sound loop called "Lucifer's Cage" (which could be fitting for any Halloween project), I've decided to try a little illustration creating a picture story for my next song! The song is called "Tamed Beast" and its a remastered dreams version of one of my first LBP songs. The main actors will be a horse and a little girl.
    ... and though I have my difficulties with the paint mode (I especially couldnt find any eraser tool, which I would have needed so urgently!) here is a first picture of the little girl, which I want to share with our community!

    Have a fine week and happy dreaming, Jürgen^^

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    Hi friends,

    here is the second actor, namely the mandatory "Grandpa" ...

    this time I needed less time to paint it, seems that I've got some practical exercise!


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      These look great, will check it out! .....I can’t believe there’s no eraser tool, that’s just crazy!


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        Hi friends,

        a little update to the current status of my project! I have painted about 80% of the pictures and I get the warning that I have reached the limit of the physical paintings. I hope that I will find a way so that this won't become a real problem! I'm making progress, but I've learned that painting a picture story is really a challenge and a lot of work. Nevertheless its a lot of fun watching the project grow! I'll don't add further pictures here before publishing, except the title poster! So I'll hope that soon I will be able to share the finished project with you! Many greetings, Jürgen^^


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          Hello jürgen by the way I see you need a little help to paint ^^
          how do you use your painting?
          task, brush, pencils.
          Be aware that cloning tasks and multiplying tasks will be very beneficial for your thermometer.
          I use this technique to completely redo my felix and I need more than 1% of graphical thermometer per task. 2% total for white and black and I have 20 different frames altogether.

          I use just the same task all along the process and to start a new painting again I clone the previous one and erase the drawing except the tasks to use
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            Did you just say "erase" ???? Omg! I still didn't find an eraser tool! I thought that there would be no possibility to erase things!


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              Nice paintings and art style.


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                when using paint task by task on can remove task by task. when using the brush or pencil we delete the entire line. which for me has the same usefulness as the eraser ^^