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The Arcainess Create group is recruiting!

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  • The Arcainess Create group is recruiting!

    Hello everybody o/

    My Name is Martin Arcainess and I'm currently creating an RPG called Adventure Realm but with all great games, they were never built alone and if they did it would have taken them a very long time and be very multitalented.

    But I ain't multitalented nor do I wish to spend forever making this so I've decided to recruit some teammates for the Adventure Realm Game!
    Here's a quick preview of a Work in progress!

    Click image for larger version

Name:	battlesystem.jpg
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    The game will be about 4 young heroes traveling an unknown world in hopes to get back to theres. But danger awaits them in the form of challenging combat and boss fights! But along the way, they can complete various Dungeon Tasks to earn Coins to buy stronger weapons and gear!

    So I'll be needing an enthusiastic people to join the team!
    So the following roles are:

    Music Composer (Currently about 15 tracks need to be made)
    Character Design (the main cast and NPCs)
    Enemy and boss Design (monsters, fiends bosses and the like)
    Environment Design (locations such as dungeons, towns, etc.)
    Animator (character movement, character skill usage etc)
    SFX (the visual effects of spells, skills and other animations)

    This role can be full time or part-time. The difference being if you want to be part-time, you could just do 1 character and be done with it full time meaning you want to fully commit and do all things required until the job is done.
    We also have a discord so we can all communicate and work together.

    Now for the gritty part, showing interest in the project won't guarantee you a spot on the team. Your acceptance will be based on how good you are. So if you feel like joining the team then, please leave your PSN in a comment or PM your interest in joining the team. I will check out your work and if I like what I see I'll PM you back.