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  • Terminator

    So... ever since LBP, it's been my dream to put Terminator into a fun, playable experience. I tried in early LBP1, but... the effort was pretty trash.
    Now, I'm using the power of Dreams to bring that copyright-plagued dream into reality! I know Mm won't be able to highlight the effort... but hey!

    The first step I've taken is to ensure all the rigid components are sculpted. Arguably the most difficult task is the skull, as its geometry is the most organic of any other part. I'm currently working on the mandible, but the upper skull is pretty much done (minus the eyes and teeth):

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    That looks incredible! Good work man!


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      Here's the head done... I kinda feel like the chin is too big... but it'd be a royal pain to fix; like... remake that whole section levels of pain. Here's the link to the lil' showcase Dream I made: [ LINK ]

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        Before I started work on the chest... chassis thing, I was confronted with the issue of style. There's the classic T-800 chest, which is round and great as armor, then there's the Genisys chest, which is more angular and is a bit more complicated.
        I don't particularly like either, as both take their respective style to the extreme. The first is very simple, while the other is needlessly complicated. And both fail to fit effectively under human flesh... muscular or otherwise. This is especially the case around the collar-bone and shoulder regions.
        So I plan on adding my own spice to address those issues (this includes cutting away bits for clearance for the pistons), but as for the current sculpt, I wanted a mix of the two (leaning toward Genisys) for the shape.
        Here's what I came up with so far

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          Some more progress, the lower legs and feet aren't made yet. But all the pistons are rigged and functioning.
          Click image for larger version

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            A better picture. The set dressings and rifle aren't mine, just the endos:
            Click image for larger version

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