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    This was the first project I created on the beta. Still very much an exercise in learning the tools and I intend to continue this when early access is available.
    The dreams experience is an explorative adventure examining the themes of dreams and the subconscious.
    Are we dreaming? What impact do dreams play in the creative process or it is a refuge from reality?
    Hoping to create an ethereal environment and Ico-esque type atmosphere.
    It features a created central protagonist who I have christened Glow for now (something about dreams giving an inner light ) and the narrative will be based around this character as he searches for awakening.
    I have managed to implement teleport, platforming and puzzles so far and will develop these further.
    I'm trying to keep the look simple as I really like the look of the native sculpt material in contrast to hyper-detailed artifice surfaces as this seems to fit the theme well. Open to any suggestions and feedback,

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    I love the look of this. You’re right, the simple shapes in contrast to the architecture and water, goes well