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  • Battle with Zombies

    Hello dreamers,
    this is the official announcement for my Dreams version of Battle with Zombies.

    (Battle with Zombies 7 in LBP Vita)

    Battle with Zombies, a TopDown survival minigame that started out in LBP Vita will also come to Dreams! Featuring the same mechanics like unlimited waves of zombies and unlimited ranks (With limited skill levels), a ingame store with multiple weapons, skills, inforcements and challenges to complete. There are new features though: All the maps of Battle with Zombies in LBP Vita will come back with the power of Dreams and you can experience all the maps in full 3D and in First Person.

    Coming to Dreams in 2019!

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    The NDA is lifted, so I will reveal more details.

    I started working on my first level for Battle with Zombies. What you see in the LBP Vita version in the original post can be made in Dreams as well. There are no classic textures, but it's still possible to replicate that stuff. When it comes to placing down many many tiles, I gotta say that you can place down roughly 10000 objects. It's hard to fill that when you do it right.

    Here's a unoptimized wall:

    It is possible to sculpt all the bricks as one object, it will take lots of time, but will result in less work for the thermometer.

    And now here is the stage itself:

    My plans haven't changed for the full release of Dreams: I will recreate all the maps of my BWZ levels in LBP Vita and recreate all the logic bits of Battle with Zombies in Dreams. For the Beta I'll try to at least finish this stage here without the logic. That should be possible.

    So, what do you say? Have you played BWZ in LBP Vita or LBP3? Would you like to play it in Dreams?


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      I really like your snow. Anyway, I'd like to see the the recreated in dreams.


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        Thanks man! Appreciate the support. I actually changed the stage a bit so that there are mountains in the distance.
        Before the Beta ends, I'll try to sculpt a few objects like a container, oil barrels, a wooden box and so on. Maybe I'll even make a pack and publish it for the community.


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          I think that's a great idea. Any assets will be useful early on


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            Here are a few assets I made:

            A container:

            Here's a box:

            And here's the stage of my Battle with Zombies level:

            the stage is already published and I guess that's how things will look like at the release of Dreams


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              My plans on the technical site of things:

              So, the Beta is over, but I am already planning out some things here and there. The technical site of things especially.

              Part 1 - The shop/menus

              There will be a ingame shop and options menu. I want the design to look fairly similar to BWZ3's design:

              It is fairly simplistic, but does the job. What will change are the fonts and background. In Dreams I can actually make all these things on screen. When you press triangle the shop will open and the gameplay will pause and become blurry/out of focus with Dreams' DOF effect. The sounds will be simplistic as well.

              Since I'm an expert on menus in LBP and the tech in Dreams is fairly similar, the menu will have similar, if not the same tech, just in Dreams. The only change are fonts and the textboxes. I'll figure out how activating/tweaking boxes and fonts work in Dreams.

              Part 2 - Settings

              Simple topic here. I want to include a few options for the player to customize. Color grading will be a setting with multiple planned presets, motion blur will be a setting to turn on and off. When on there will be some slight motion blur. Sounds will also play a part in the settings. IF POSSIBLE I will include camera sensitivity options. Having a cross hair option will also be there.

              Part 3 - Gameplay
              Similar tech. Endless waves, after wave 10 it just changes the number, just like with the rank system. A new thing I want to include is the limited ammo system. A revolver is pretty convenient, since you can reload one bullet at a time, making the logic simple. I still couldn't figure out how to make a pistol with a normal magazine, limited ammo and free reloading, since it includes adding/subtracting values on both sides. Might figure that one out.

              Part 4 - Optimization
              I'll try to make Battle with Zombies as good looking, and at the same time as well optimized as possible, so things run smooth on PS4 Pro. At least 30ish fps on PS4 should be possible (A 60 fps mode in Dreams would be cool, where the resolution goes down to something like 720p internally, so some levels can actually run that good).

              Part 5 - Release date
              2019 folks, 2019. Expect at least 3-6 months of development time. If Dreams comes out in the summer, you can expect BWZ in December. If Dreams launches later, it might be 2020... Let's hope Dreams will come out in August or something.

              What do you think?


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                Well, I'm follwoing you in Dreams, so I'll definitely be checking it out. Let me know when it's nearly complete, maybe I could get a sneak preview and feature it on my live stream.

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                  I'm actually building a walking simulator/exploration heavy level right now with my 1st person puppet. But thanks for posting, Des! :D

                  Okay so here's an update:

                  I'm learning lots of things in Dreams right now. Keyframes are very useful for setting up different conditions. Can be used for setting up individual things in the image effects tool. Different settings like Bloom, Motion Blur, Lens Flare and color grading can be offered for the player. Making a menu for it should be easy. Especially with keyframes and selectors.

                  As far as I know using puppets can work very well for Battle with Zombies. Roughly 20 zombies can be on screen/loaded in without major performance problems. To make sure things run smooth, I'll limit the amount spawned at a time to 16. The logic looks familiar to me. After spending 6 hours daily for 10 days just recently for Version 1.4 of BWZ3 in LBP3 I know it very well. BUT with the health manager/modifier I can make things a bit simpler.

                  The shop won't have as much pictures I'm afraid, since Dreams doesn't have a way to make photos into objects/paintings. I think that could be implemented if possible, just as painting it would be nice. The menu layout will be similar to BWZ3's current design. A box on the right with the item and description and on the left the boxes with the texts for the items.

                  I can't say right now when I'll start working on BWZ in Dreams, but if Early Access will run for another 3-4 months I'll be able to push out at least a Beta with the zombies and the wave system. The shop might not be there yet, not to it's full extend.

                  What do you folks think? And yeah, I'll make sure you know, Des, if you want to play it.


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                    The UI here was NOT made in Dreams, but on PC. It's a rough concept of how it could look in Dreams. I like the HP and AP bar, but they are painful to do in Dreams with the motion controls. Like you end up moving things a pixel too far and that loop continues for a minute or two.

                    I might work on a limited ammo technique that still lets you reload like in COD. I might be able to do that.

                    Also: It was raining here and I recorded some thunder and ambient rain sounds. Might be useful.

                    This UI was made in Dreams though:
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