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  • WW2 Tank game

    Hey folks,
    I talked about an upcoming tank game. Not too many details yet, but phase 1 is going on, which means I am creating assets for it.

    Basically it's about being in a tank and shooting enemy tanks. In 3D, not topdown. It will be set in WW2, and have locations inspired by the real battles. Example:
    France, 1940 - Be in a early war Panzer 3 and fight french tanks like the Somua S-35 or Char B1, or the other way around, be in a french tank and fight early war german tanks.
    The goal is not to eliminate enemy tanks or survive endless waves, but to capture/hold objectives. Due to my lack of knowledge on companion AI in a 3D space, you'll fight alone against multiple enemies.

    I planned on making multiple maps. France, 1940, Russia, 1942. Those are two of the ones I planned on making. The first map I want to create is France. When I'm done with most assets I need, I'll see if I can create a prototype game to test some of the things out.

    Gun damage will be calculated with HP. Irl some tanks could not penetrate certain tanks, at all. I'll make it so the guns do as much damage as their caliber plus a modifier for gun length. Tanks will have as much HP as they have weight, multiplied by 10. Example: Panzer 2 weighs around 9t and the gun caliber is 20mm. So 90 HP and 20 damage for each shot. A Char B1 weighs 32t and has a 47mm gun. So it would have about 320 HP and makes 47 damage per shot. Of course some things have to be tweaked to make more sense. Would be kinda weird that if a Panzer 2 with a 20mm could easily destroy a heavy tank with lots of armor irl.

    Here is how movement will be made: The player tank gets mirrored, physical treads and all that. Enemy tanks will get static tank treads, but physical suspension. I have to test this to see how many tanks can be active that way. Probably around 5-6. We'll see.

    If possible, I'll make it so you can unlock better and better (historical) tanks by playing a certain amount of matches, or doing a certain amount of kills. I don't know how I'll make a score thing. It might be a simple 'Win the match/lose the match' kind of situation. We'll see.

    What do you think about these ideas?

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    Fantastic concept, looking forward to seeing how it progresses. I know Mm's Johnee B & Alex Prinz laser are big tank game enthusiasts too


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      Project cancelled.

      It is not possible to make large maps in Dreams without physics bugging out big time. Developers told me it's best to stay as close as possible to world center. Thus this project can not be realized in Dreams. It's a shame, but what can you do.

      So project cancelled.