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Dreams Project Collab Request: The Apex Monster

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  • Dreams Project Collab Request: The Apex Monster

    Do you want to crush buildings beneath your feet as if they were made of sand? Do you want to dominate an entire species of Monster and become the new Alpha? Then this is the game for you. I’m making an OpenWorld , RPG, Fighting Game called The Apex Monster In this game you will build your own creature from 5 Available classes, each having their own unique and specific design and function. Each Monster you make will tackle the story mode differently, you will be able to Hunt, Kill, Eat and Evolve, you will watch your Monster grow to it’s full Adult Kaiju Size as you upgrade and enhance it’s unique skill tree, the combat is fluid and satisfying you will learn Stealth, Hunting and Strategic Withdrawal, however Monsters are not your only problem, the Humans are hunting you too, prove that your are the one above all and become the Apex Monster. Contact me on Discord: " D Jay#5236 " or on PSN by sending me a friend request " DJay-Scandalous"