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    Inspired by Harry Potter fanfiction.

    how cool would it be to explore the darkest maximum security prison in the Wizarding world? Well I'm making a game specifically for that!

    "Sirius black- Escape from Azkaban" is an exploration, thriller, horror and escape genre game where you play as Sirius Black as he evades the horrors found within the Iron walls of Azkaban.

    This is a project that will take me a long time to develop because of how vague the wikis are about what's inside Azkaban, the layout of the prison and the lack of detail in what it takes to contain the darkest witches and wizards in magical Britain. So I'm having to get creative based on the few pictures I've seen and the few descriptions I can find on what exactly lies behind those ominous walls. But fear not, 'ha!', dementors are the least of your concerns for when the game is released.

    I plan on incorporating the most disturbing dark creatures i can find in the Harry Potter verse. I'm focusing solely on the map right now but I'll accept any help offered in regards to puppet creation. I'd also love to see what anyone can come up with for somewhat realist dementors.
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    Sounds fun - be aware that if you use copyright material your creation could be moderated, to be safe you may want to change names and add some or your own original flare

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