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WANTED: PS4 Dreams Team Looking To Build An Animated Series

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  • WANTED: PS4 Dreams Team Looking To Build An Animated Series

    We are a small team of creators building an animated series and we need your help to complete it.

    We are collaborating on series called "The Four," a story about a group of teenagers with special abilities in a small, mysterious town trying to prevent a supernatural takeover.

    What We Have
    • A team of screenwriters and enthusiasts
    • A Series Bible with character descriptions, lore, backstory and plot arcs
    • 1 teaser script and 1 promo script optimized for short animations
    Our Goals
    • To create a series of short teasers or promos so that we can build interest in our concept
    • To use the teaser and promos to build a team and build resources
    • To use those resources so that we can create a pilot episode
    • To use a pilot episode to build interest for a series
    What We Need

    Right now we are interested in using the Dreams game-making and animation making platform (on PS4) to collaborate and create. We are open to alternative platforms, but for now we want to work with these tools.

    That said, we need the following roles (If you can fulfill more than one of these roles, that would be fantastic):
    • Character Modeler (or Asset Finder): Someone who can sculpt or find assets in the Dreamsverse to build characters for our scenes. The first teaser only has need for one character and a few creatures. We welcome all styles since we are trying to find a unique look for the series.
    • Environment Artist: Someone who can design or collaborate on a snowy, forest environment with a violent blizzard, designed with animation/film/TV sensibilities in mind (less a need for a fully realized field and more a need for creating "sets" that maximize the use of the camera).
    • Animator: Someone who can animate puppets for believable movement and interaction between assets.

    What We Can Offer

    As previously stated, we are currently a small team of animating, writing or gaming enthusiasts. Our goals, however, are to turn these projects into ongoing releases. Through this, you would be credited for your work and we can build your portfolio and creative resume. In addition, it goes without saying that as a member of our team, any future success would be shared based on your contributions to this product.

    Contact Us

    If you have creative ambition to get your name on unique ideas and time to contribute to a growing project, we would love to hear from you.

    Please contact chaos_mechanica#7118 on Discord! Thank you!