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Musician looking for devs for hire!

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  • Musician looking for devs for hire!

    Hello everybody!
    I'm a Heavy Metal musician from Greece,with experience on instrumental music and soundtracks since 1992.
    I recently finished my 6th solo album which is entirely a 16-bit game soundtrack for a game that theres only in my head!

    Being a gamer since 1988, i recently discovered Dreams and was fascinated by the enormous community around it!

    So now im looking for talented guys to make something like some mini games that will only act as promo-videos of my music.

    They dont necessarily have to be fully playable, i just need a way to visualise my music.

    The latest example i have is this so you can get an idea.

    I ll be happy to find some of you and help me make something great and get compensated for your time and effort.

    Thanx a lot!

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    Hello and welcome to dreamsverse
    We'll start spreading the word to see if anyone can help with this interesting collab project


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      Hi Bob,

      I’ve made over 60 music video’s in Dreams and several games & short films, have a look at my stuff.

      I can probably get something together for you if you like.

      I’m Amenjo1 in Dreams if you wanna check out what I’ve done.


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        How best to convert WAV to MP3? What do you think about this tool


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          Hey there!

          I have not released any music videos in Dreams yet, however I am currently making my own.
          I am also a musician, and I have a bachelor of music in conducting and performance. Get in touch, I am happy to lend a hand!