I forgot to write up what ended up getting accomplished in my time in the beta. Here goes!

My original goal for the beta was to create the boss that I sketched out in my last entry with an idle animation:

Did I succeed? No! Am I happy with my results? Absolutely. When starting my process I first created the wings. I had no idea how any of the tools worked, so I figured the wings would be a nice place to start. Was it? Yeah. I made the wings by individually placing about 30 feathers in an animation. The animation is wonky and I used way too many keyframes, but the result wasn't complete trash. I will redo these wings in early access due to the animation seeming disjointed and the keyframes being horrible to edit (I want these wings to be useable by the community):

After I worked on this, I realized I had no clue what the scale of this boss was going to be. So, I started working on m environment. I made a bridge to get into sculpting (note there are a lot of small pieces copied):

This was made by looking up various photos of Benson Bridge:

Now that I made a bridge which was going to be the main point of the scene, I needed to get a cliff that was mossy. I went through various iterations and ended up with this:

Here's where I don't have a bunch of in between stage pictures unfortunately, but essentially I used this asset to create a scene (using some of the rocks individually). From this scene I eventually worked on fixing the overall waterfall look which is where I ended up in the beta:

This one looks a bit weird because I forgot the splashes and the top isn't animated. Looks slightly better when it's moving. Still needs work.

Thermo was about 30/30/3. Lag was unplayable, but fine for cutscene (i built it poorly and know how to fix). I make all my assets remixable (except for the rocky soil, because I don't think that's very useable in it's current state (picture 3).

From here I decided to work on the boss in one day since the beta ended in 2:

Wasn't good by any means, but it a nice rough sketch. It also makes me realize I might be able to pull off sculpting it in early access