Well, I decided to start a dev blog over here at dreamsverse. On LBPC I kept up with one every time I started a project, but quickly grew tired of the constant issues I was facing in creating the levels I was trying to create (mostly in LBP3, but sometimes LBPV as well with saving objects and updating multiple instances with emitters). Anyway I enjoyed blogging about my quick projects over there and decided to start doing it here (more as a social thing since this is a hobby after all). So without further ado, I present When the Moon Rises Over the Sun (AKA a project I decided to combine with RPGP as I realized they were the same story, but never made that connection until starting some serious planning)!

So... What is it?
If any of you read my blogs over at LBPC, you will know this project as RPG-Platformer: The Power of TILT. Stupid name, I know: it was a placeholder. Anyway, the project was originally conceived while I was playing LBP2, didn't start working on it until LBPV, started college, stopped working on it, started working on it again, stopped, tried to convert it to 3d movement on LBP3, hated it, tried again with just a demo in mind, liked it, beta for dreams was announced, realized that emitters in LBP3 were a NIGHTMARE (worse than LBPV which still had its problems), decided to stop LBP. So now you're all caught up!

Essentially the game is a platformer with RPG-esque progression and characters (classes). Combat is still up in the air as I don't want to FOCUS on it, but I definitely need it to be there. Whether that means mario-like platform based combat or rogue legacy-like combat (probably more the latter if I can translate it to 3D) I still haven't decided. Characters include a platforming mage, stealthy platformer, ranged tank, and offensive mage. Each character has different platforming and fighting styles (1st is normal platformer, 2nd is loose controls but fast, 3rd is slow and requires more precision in placement rather than timing, 4th is slower but makes up for it with gliding). I will be having to rethink the upgrades I had for the other game as that was designed for 2D. I also want more abilities per player (we'll see).

To summarize: one day Geoffrey and Mia's village gets attacked by a darkness that a fairy warns Geoffrey about before giving him geomancy powers. After the attack Geoffrey decides to travel to the other fairies in an effort to stop the impending darkness. Mia joins him. Eventually Ellis joins him and so does Riosu.

Obviously there's way more to it than that, but I've recently started winding it up so that everything is connected. This means that I have a very specific way I want to tell the story and will tell you later (whether I make the game or not)! In addition to the main plot, there is a world creation story that you can gather from 100 entries about the eras of the island. Eventually the main characters get caught up in this story and the two make more sense. I'm currently 15% of the way through writing the era descriptions and I recently restarted writing the script which was about 30 pages. The script outline is outdated but complete.

If it's an rpg it has world building right. Well, no, but it does! As I said earlier, the world has a plot that is inspired by creation stories of different religions. Here's a picture that I REALLY need to update as a lot of things are wrong about it. Though the idea and overall region layout is right so the update hasn't been necessary.
Click image for larger version

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The names are wrong. Primarily Panlumia is now Luciran (same meaning, just like the latter more) and a few of the details are missing.

Plan of Attack
Before I even start creating the levels, I have to write this thing out. Every line that is said, in cutscene or not, will be written down. Every plot hole will be filled in (hopefully ). Every creature will be drawn out and explained (purpose, attacks, relationship, etc). Every gameplay section shall be written or drawn (I'm not an artist okay?) Every environment will have a very specific set of concept photos gathered (I'm really not an environment artist). These photos will contain color scheme, plant life, architecture, overall look, camera angle etc. I want to make this with as few levels as possible as it will be annoying to be transferring data everywhere BUT I want every idea to be its own level (cutscene, boss, platforming sequence (think Moss), part of town, etc.) At the very least it gets rid of me having to put together logic for cutscenes :P. To begin, I have started with some boss concepts that will of course have to change and of course the script. I currently have the first 3 (not counting a specific one) boss concepts down on paper (1 needs further work in terms of concept). I've only scanned one though, so I'll attach that one

Top Left: Hard to see but shows aerial view before boss fight (more as cinematic in different level)
Top Right: The boss arena (this one is 2D oddly enough)
Bottom Left: Quick storyboard idea that goes with top left,
Bottom: Body of the boss, Darkwing. Inspired by bird skeleton, hummingbird (movement), and oddly enough lovecraft even though I don't really like the lore.
Bottom Right: The head since I couldn't draw it over the body. I wanted to make it a bird/horse head, but kind of got a hodgepodge of animals XD. Only thing that will undergo no changes is the eye shape/feel.

1. Sawblade - Throws a sawblade horizontally across the stage. Jumping on it allows the player to damage the boss. 1- just throws one sawblade on floor. 2- Throws one sawblade above jumping height and one on floor after. 3- Throws three sawblades one above jumping height, one on floor and one right above the second one. 4-Throws a ton of sawblades that the player must avoid. They do not have to ride these as they will chop down the tree and end the fight.
2. Chest pound. Darkwing shifts its weight, tilts in the direction it will pound its shield chest and jumps. The player can attack its wings during this time to help trigger the sawblade attack.
3. Tentacle Jab. Darkwing leans back and extends its tentacles to the sky. They appear on the top of the screen and will stab shortly after (1-2). Harder version keeps them on screen and they move around. (3-4)
4. Rib roast - Shoots out 8 energy blasts from its ribs that hit the ground in an ordered pattern (left-right or right-left). Each stage reduces the time in between blasts with the 4th stage requiring rolling to avoid damage. Avoiding all of them will help trigger sawblade earlier.
5. Wing sweep - slow motion wing attack. Avoiding and attacking the wing helps trigger sawblade
6. Tongue and Mouth - homing attack with tongues (they stay there and poison player if touched) and a final bite with mouth that has more area of effect. On stage 4 the attack can happen with another attack. On stage 3 only the tongues can occur with another attack.

This is what I hope to work on if I get in the beta. Just the sculpture with some fiddling with animation. Have no desire to create the cinematic or environment in that time. Probably won't do any of the attacks.

So far, this is what I have of the rewritten script (3rd draft). It's cheesy, but I kind of like cheesy :P