So my birthday is coming up, and for a little while I’ve known that Benjamni was planning a week long trip but the details were a surprise - but now the secret’s out and I know we’re going to London and Guildford and taking a tour at Mm!

We live in California and at first I thought it was going to be some kind of semi local hiking trip when Ben was asking if I have enough warm socks. Then he hinted that we were flying overnight, and I thought we might be going to New York on a red eye flight - I certainly wasn’t expecting an over seas trip!
Besides visiting Mm, we’ll have a few days in Guildford and a couple in London.
I definitely want to visit a castle while we’re there because we don’t have those over here :p

Last year for PSX we attempted to do Mm pink highlights in my hair. Ben did a great job with it but the bleach I chose wasn’t really strong enough so the color didn’t come out as bright as it could be. So for this trip my neighbor who’s a hair stylist did it as a b-day present:
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