For Christmas my mother gave Ben and I a greenhouse kit, and we be just recently finished assembling - my mum and her partner also helped us set it up.

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There are vents to let out heat and moisture, and here’s the really cool thing: they open by themselves! Each vent is attached to a hydraulic piston, which is chilled in the refrigerator befor being installed in a closed position. When it’s getting too warm in the greenhouse, the water heats and expands, extending the piston and opening the vent.

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In the the area of norther California where we live there can be very warm days in the middle of winter followed by light frost, and hot dry days in summer with cool misty nights. Even though the ground itself never freezes, our climate is considered “extreme” in that we have sudden fluctuations year round. So besides starting seeds to be planted in the ground, we can also use our greenhouse to grow some more sensitive plants that don’t like the temperature changes outdoors, like orchids - I’m trying to get a vanilla plant!
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